MATERIAL: Alloy steel heat treated.

FINISH: Cadmium plate plus dry film lubricant meets salt spray requirements of AMS-QQ-P-416, type II, plating (the inclusion of lubricant on the basket and spherical washer is optional).

PERFORMANCE: In accordance with NASM 25027.

THREADS: In accordance with AS 8879 before lubrication.

FLOATABILITY: .025 radially from center.

MISALIGNMENT: 8° in any direction from centered position.

VARIATION: Add « K » for bottom c’sunk rivet holes, for example: LAO-NM93MK.

APPLICATION: Type LAO-NM nuts are two lugs, self aligning anchor nuts designed for use in shear or tensile applications involving temperatures up to 450° F. The LAO-NM features a self aligning design which qualifies it for use in applications involving not only radial but vertical misalignment of bolts at assembly to the limitations designed. Added advantages areas also provided in weight and stock savings on shims and bolts due to the flexibility in thread length provided by the counterbore to permit use of either full or shear thread length bolts

Contact Alcoa for the diameter/type in manufacturing.
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Item #



C ±.005



J ±.002



LAO-NM 93M N/A 0.912 Inch N/A 0.500 Inch N/A 0.344 Inch N/A 0.194 Inch N/A 0.322 Inch N/A 0.688 Inch N/A 0.125 Inch N/A 0.1900-32 UNJF-3B
LAO-NM 94M N/A 1.265 Inch N/A 0.562 Inch N/A 0.500 Inch N/A 0.254 Inch N/A 0.406 Inch N/A 1.000 Inch N/A 0.141 Inch N/A 0.2500-28 UNJF-3B
LAO-NM 95M N/A 1.291 Inch N/A 0.735 Inch N/A 0.500 Inch N/A 0.317 Inch N/A 0.469 Inch N/A 1.000 Inch N/A 0.188 Inch N/A 0.3125-24 UNJF-3B
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