Unit of Measure

Nominal Diameter No.

N/A 5

A - Diameter +.003 -.001

N/A 0.173 in

B - Diameter ± .005

N/A 0.208 in

BK Min

N/A 0.395 in

C ± .010

N/A 0.286 in


N/A 0.015 in

E +.010 -.000

N/A 0.030 in


N/A 0.940 in

J - Diameter

N/A 0.176 in

S - Diameter

N/A 0.100 in
Tensile1 N/A 740 lb

Installed Spindle Retention

N/A 250

Hole Limits

N/A 0.176-0.180 in

Design Grip Range Min.

N/A 0.063 in

Design Grip Range Max.

N/A 0.125 in

L +.000 -.030

N/A 0.246 in

M Max

N/A 0.460 in

Material Sleeve

N/A 400 Monel per QQ-N-281

Material Spindle

N/A A286 Stainless Steel per AMS 5737

Material Expander

N/A 400 Monel per QQ-N-281

Material Washer

N/A Alloy Steel

Material Lock Ring

N/A A286 Stainless Steel per AMS 5737

Finish Sleeve

N/A None or Aluminum Coat per NAS 4006 or Aluminum Coat (IVD) per MIL-C-83488

Finish Spindle

N/A Passivate per AMS-QQ-P-35

Finish Expander

N/A None

Finish Washer

N/A Clear Chromate

Finish Lock Ring

N/A Passivate per AMS-QQ-P-35

Head Style

N/A Unisink

Sleeve Diameter

N/A Oversized


  • Lubrication: Lubricate per NAS 1686 except on sleeve component. If lubed, restrict to tiolon Y-14 only for maximum paint adhesion properties. Do not clean or degrease prior to installation. Lubricant must not be removed.
  • Rivets covered on tfis standard are intended for use as repair/replacement for nominal rivets of similar application.
  • Spindle configuration - pulling serration dimensions shall be per NAS 9315.
  • <6> Silver color driving anvil identifies oversize rivet.
  • 1 Minimum ultimate shear and tensile strength, in pounds, of installed rivet.
    Applies to grips 4-03 max, 5-03 max, 6-04 max and up.