Broach Tool - Non-Impact, PS10047 (MA2110-EN2602) Port Serrations, for Material up to 40 HRC

NOTES: Unless Otherwise Specified
  • Two extra cutters are provided with each tool. Replacement or spare cutters may be purchased individually.
  • Noted runout and the controlled minor diameter of the port will result in a permissible maximum runout of 0.23 between the serration major diameter and the controlled thread minor diameter after broaching.
APPLICATION: This broach tool is designed to produce serrations in the counterbore of PS10047 ports. The tool will broach into aluminum, magnesium and other materials with a maximum hardness of 40 HRC.

METHOD: Screw the “A” thread end of the stud into the threaded hole of the port until the stud is seated against the 20° taper in the port. Turn the hex nut in a clockwise direction to broach serrations. Broaching is complete when the tool body contacts the port surface. Using hex at end of the stud turn stud in a counterclockwise direction to retract cutter from port.
Unit of Measure

Port Dash No.

N/A -153

A Thread

N/A MJ14 x 1.5


N/A 22.000 mm


N/A 10.000 mm


N/A 38.000 mm

E ±0.75

N/A 113.650 mm

Thrust Bearing Part No.

N/A NTA-1018

Thrust Bearing Qty.

N/A 4

Cutter Number