Standard Port Contour Cutter, Short Series - Carbide Tipped, PS10035 (AS1300) Port

APPLICATION:This tool counterbores, countersinks, provides a radius and produces a tap drill diameter in one pass. Countours are ground to insure concentricity. Cutter geometry permits the use of these tools with most common materials
Unit of Measure

Tubing OD

N/A 1

A (+.0000/-.0003)

N/A 0.7498 Inch

B (+.0000/-.0003)

N/A 1.0729 Inch

C (+.0000/-.0003)

N/A 1.4278 Inch

D (±.005)

N/A 1.015 Inch

E (±.030)

N/A 4.265 Inch

Port Thread

N/A 1.1250-18 UNJEF

Port Number

N/A PS 10035-16