SRMW( ), Metric, Oversize Replacement, Non-locking, Internal Thread Lock, 235°C Dry Film Lube
Unit of Measure
A Thread1 N/A MJ3x0.5
B Thread2 N/A M6x1

C Diameter

N/A 3.880 mm

D ± 0.3

N/A 5.100 mm

E ± 0.2

N/A 2.150 mm


N/A 1.600 mm

G Min

N/A 1.200 mm

H Min

N/A 2.860 mm

Material Type

N/A 17-4PH CRES, COND H1025 per AMS 5643

Heat Treat

N/A Min Tensile Strength 1100 Mpa


N/A Solid Film Lubricant

Internal Thread Lock

N/A No

N/A a. The threaded is wrenched into the parent material to depth shown in figure with a wrench.
b. Swage tool is used to swage the collar of the insert out until it presses into the wall of the counterbore "C".
c. The threaded insert is installed when the shoulder of the swage tool bottoms on the surface of the parent material.

  • 1 INTERNAL THREAD "A": Metric ISO thread per FED-STD-H28/21 AND AS1370
    Tolerance and allowance 4H6H for ≤ MJ5x0.8
    Tolerance and allowance 4H5H for > MJ5x0.8
  • 2 EXTERNAL THREAD "B": Metric ISO thread per LN 9163
    Tolerance and allowance 4g per LN 9163